The Kitchen Sells the Home

The kitchen is arguably the most important part of a home and is responsible for making and breaking sales. Let’s take a look at this gorgeous kitchen featuring a large floating marble island and matching backsplash. This is a muted kitchen but at the same time there is still a lot going on. Yes the only colors we really see are to variations of wood, marble, and black but they go together so perfectly and aren’t boring. The black stools were the perfect touch bringing out the dark tones in the gray of the marble. The light vertical planked wood floors make this room look even bigger and longer so that the island doesn’t look too big for the space. This kitchen is extremely modern with the medium toned wood cabinetry with hidden lines and handles. Everything blends in together, even the fridge. The open floating shelves with white kitchen ware draws the eye upward and complements the white in the marble backsplash perfectly. This kitchen is beautiful and the color scheme is stellar. What do you think? Do you want to see more kitchens?

Check Again!

Staying with the checkers theme, lets talk about this dark and gorgeous bathroom courtesy of @drummonds_bathrooms. This huge check pattern on the floor makes the room look humongous. The large white squares in the patter lighten the room up a little bit, which is perfect because the rest of the features are so dark. The black walls are perfect and sleek while the molding adds even more dimension. The claw foot tub is immaculate, especially the chrome finishing and the free standing faucet. My favorite part of this room is the statue because it is so unique and random yet works so incredibly well in this space. I absolutely love how they are using this statue as a towel holder making it functional and fun. The tub, the sink, and the toilet match so perfectly in terms of their looks and the exposed chrome piping. All the pops of color are a 2019 fan favorite, emerald green, and are spaced out very well with only four emerald green pieces in the room…. the towel, the vase, the chair, and the table stand…. perfect accent color pieces. I love the fact that they didn’t include a pop of color in the art piece but instead kept that in black and white as well, this art piece draws the attention to the tub right below it which instead of being placed right up against the wall is about two feet out from it, which is such an incredible design feature and decision. They went with a long light fixture to not only highlight the tub but the painting as well. The bathroom is gorgeous, attention grabbing, and perfectly executed.

Bouclé? Oh yay!

Lets get into our second room of the week, this gorgeous neutral yet bright living room is a modern industrial lovers dream. It is filled with so many subtle unique design quirks, which is the reason I decided to make it our room of the week. First, lets talk about this funky wallpaper. I’m usually not a huge wallpaper fan unless it is used perfectly, just like in this room right here. I love the fact that the wallpaper doesn’t span the entire height of the wall but instead is merely featured on the upper half. The layering in this house is stellar. The fact that the designer was able to place a large and busy piece of art on top of the busiest piece of the wallpaper is amazing. He was able to pull this off by not only choosing a wallpaper that didn’t cover the entire wall, but also by choosing an art piece with toned down colors and dark hues. Though I love this layering, I am sure you all can guess what my favorite part of this room is. Yes, this gorgeous bouclé upholstered love sofa! The shape of this sofa is absolutely beautiful and adds to the dimension of the entire room which features continuous lines and curves instead sharp angles and corners. the circular bouclé upholstered throw pillows and trilogy of circular metal coffee tables add to the scheme of the room perfectly. What is your favorite part about this room? leave a comment below.

PC: @marceloceciliodesigner

New Series: Beyond The Wall

Lets spice things up a bit. I am introducing a new weekly series to my blog that will focus on beautiful rooms from designers all over the world. This series entitled, Beyond The Wall, is a series that will crown a new winner every week as my favorite “Room of the week.” All rooms are eligible, whether it be a bedroom, laundry room, bathroom, kitchen, terrace or more. So lets get started with our very first Beyond The Wall winner, this beautiful entryway and staircase is styled by @amykchin and featured on @elledecor Instagram page, check them both out.

This entryway boats custom black and white marble with contrasting patterns on both the stairway and the floors. The use of these geometric shapes in a neutral color palette is not only super sophisticated and different but it also enhances the space as a whole. Running the rectangles vertical on the stairway draws the eye upward making the room look far taller while the half hexagon shape on the floor makes the room look longer and wider. This entryway is extremely charming and elegant due to the color scheme, shapes, and that beautiful original handrail that runs the entire stairway. The black and white is broken up subtle hints of brass in the tables and the light fixture as well as the hints of pink and red in the huge art piece hanging on the side. This art piece is perfect for this space, especially as we are starting to see maximalist art become a major trend in 2019. This beautiful area only makes me wonder what the rest of the house looks like and how this glamorous theme was carried and conveyed throughout the rest of the home.

If you liked this post, comment which type of room you would like to see next!