Today I want to talk about one of my favorite design instagram accounts @drummonds_bathrooms. Drummonds is a UK based manufacturer and retailer of classic bathroom products founded in1988. Drummond Shaw founded this company when he was on his own journey of restoring a property and searching for antique pieces. The company started as a UK based architectural antiques dealer but has since gained its popularity for its focus on gorgeous and restored bathroom products. Their design work is absolutely stunning and is featured all around the world. If you want to learn more about the Drummond’s story visit drummonds-uk.com and look at their work on instagram at @drummonds_bathrooms. For now check out their pieces here and comment on which picture is your favorite.

Bold Blues

Since we are on the topic of maximalism and minimalism this week, lets talk about our latest room of the week. This beautiful room is located in Istanbul, Turkey and can be found on @thedecorinspiration Instagram page. I love this room because I believe it is right on trend. At a point in time where decor is at the in between stages of minimalist and maximalist, this is the perfect combination and I am absolutely in love. This room boasts muted grayscale and blue tones, minimal patterns, and one abstract piece of art that all speak to the minimalist aspect of the room. However, on the other end you can see the use of texture throughout the entire room, with the matching fabric on the wallpaper and rug as well as the tufted chaise. Additionally, even the most simple items in the room have fun and unique features, like this end table is simple, small, white and circular but claw foot legs add an extra amount of spice. The gold accents in the room also add the perfect amount of dimension as it is merely used as an accent color but can be seen in the painting as well as the furniture to tie it all together. The color coordination in this room is superior.

Now this is how you tread directly on the line of less is more and more is more.