That’s TUFFted!

One thing I am obsessed with is tufted rugs, they add a whole new level of spice to any and every room. I love this room because it is extremely colorful without clashing and being “too much.” The color scheme features lots of warm colors and tones like orange, gold, brown, peach and more. The olive green seater on the side breaks up the abundance of warm tones perfectly and ties everything together. The copper and black coffee table is a perfect pairing with the yellow/gold and black in the tufted rug and the geometric shapes pair perfectly with the funky and unique shapes of the seats. The light wood floors completely brighten up the room and reflect the natural light from the large floor to ceiling doors. I love the fact that the upholstery fabric is different on every single chair and this room also features 2019 fan favorite, bouclé upholstery. I can’t get enough of this room of the week and if you want to see more rooms like this visit @altforliving.

Bouclé? Oh yay!

Lets get into our second room of the week, this gorgeous neutral yet bright living room is a modern industrial lovers dream. It is filled with so many subtle unique design quirks, which is the reason I decided to make it our room of the week. First, lets talk about this funky wallpaper. I’m usually not a huge wallpaper fan unless it is used perfectly, just like in this room right here. I love the fact that the wallpaper doesn’t span the entire height of the wall but instead is merely featured on the upper half. The layering in this house is stellar. The fact that the designer was able to place a large and busy piece of art on top of the busiest piece of the wallpaper is amazing. He was able to pull this off by not only choosing a wallpaper that didn’t cover the entire wall, but also by choosing an art piece with toned down colors and dark hues. Though I love this layering, I am sure you all can guess what my favorite part of this room is. Yes, this gorgeous bouclé upholstered love sofa! The shape of this sofa is absolutely beautiful and adds to the dimension of the entire room which features continuous lines and curves instead sharp angles and corners. the circular bouclé upholstered throw pillows and trilogy of circular metal coffee tables add to the scheme of the room perfectly. What is your favorite part about this room? leave a comment below.

PC: @marceloceciliodesigner

My Top 3 Favorite Interior Design Trends of 2019

2019 has been an amazing year filled with so many new, fun and unique design trends. Let’s take a look at my top 3 favorite interior design trends of this year.


Clear is in! Acrylic is one of my favorite design trends of this year and I am seeing it everywhere, from my dining room chairs to the clear part of my perspex heels. Not only is it super modern and unique but it goes with EVERYTHING. I have acrylic pieces scattered all throughout my house and it completely enhances the spaces aesthetically and functionally. This trend is especially perfect for someone who likes to switch up their design style and color scheme a lot. If you suddenly wake up one day and decide you want your living room to be purple instead of orange, you won’t have to worry about changing furniture, just accent pieces. Having acrylic furniture pieces enables you to play around a lot more with the rest of the furniture in that same room. Due to the fact that acrylic furniture is extremely easy and lightweight on the eyes, it rarely feels overwhelming or like too much in a room. This allows us to be extremely bold with shapes, colors, and sizes of other objects in the same room. Acrylic is a perfect way to modernize any traditional setting or add to minimalist themed decor. All in all, it is safe to say I hope this trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.


I absolutely adore bouclé upholstered furniture pieces. It is the perfect way to make any room feel warm and cozy and matches with any design style. Bouclé adds the perfect amount of dimension and depth to any room due to its unique looped texture. This hand woven looped texture can come in many different ways from large curls to tight coils, both of which add a rare and pleasing aesthetic wherever they go. I have most often seen this upholstery fabric done in white or other light colors, however, black bouclé adds a funky twist and I hope i start to see a little more black as the year progresses. One thing to watch out for with bouclé is the fact that since it is woven yarn, it could potentially snag pretty easy so it should be kept away from areas that may frequent pets or kids.

Emerald Green

Green has always been my favorite color so it was no surprise that when it came time to decorate my first apartment last September (2018), I chose emerald green as my accent color. However, to my disappointment, I couldn’t find emerald green accent furniture anywhere. So I am even more ecstatic that emerald green is finally getting its 15 minutes of interior design fame. Now I can finally finish decorating my apartment. I love the fact that is adds bold color to any room while not being too overbearing. Green tends to match really well with other bold colors as well as neutral color schemes that include a lot of white, grey and taupe. Additionally, this green looks great on any furniture piece, whether it be a sofa, flower vase, rug or more, you can’t go wrong. Green symbolizes balance and harmony so it brings a sense of tranquility, calmness, and clarity to any room. Emerald also symbolizes royalty and is an extremely rare gem as well as my favorite cut of diamond. There are so many reasons to love about emerald green.

Photo Credits: CB2 furniture & photography