Natures Very Own

This weeks room of the week is a beautiful naturally light living room. This room has so many unique features that come together perfectly, starting with this gorgeous elevated ceiling that features a window spanning the entire room. Even more stunning is this amazing light fixture that is perfectly centered in the room. This light is perfect because it is unique in shape and gives off minimal light due to the natural light already coming in from the back window. One of my favorite features in this house is the concrete flooring. Concrete has recently become one of my favorite design features. It is so sleek, goes with everything, and gives a little bit of an industrial look. In this case they went with a cream colored concrete instead of the usual grey, and I absolutely love it. Additionally, the pilars located behind the sofa and behind the television, not only is it unique but it adds dimension to the room. The fact that the pilars behind the television are green goes along with the nature them but adds some color to a very muted room. This is also why I absolutely adore the oversized rug because it mixes perfectly with the oversized couch and adds even more color to the palette. I love the fact that the rug has red color tones, because red and green are across from each other on the color wheel which me they are complementary colors. Additionally, the colors are dark which works perfectly with the rest of the muted tones.

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